It’s Game Day with Power Hitter® - Teach with Sports

Our programs support learner development through Team-Training for educators, students, homeschools, businesses, and youth-serving organizations.

Powerhitter® Ground Rules open every teacher/coach training. We know that in addition to skill and concept understanding, a coach’s goal is to transform names on a roster into a team, develop relationships, and teach life-long lessons. Powerhitter® Classroom Curriculum is a multi-unit theory-into-practice, standards-based program that is easy to implement, boosts academic, social, and linguistic confidence,and is adaptable to a range of education settings: Grades 3-7, SPED, Gifted, ELL, home-school, micro-school, afterschool – and it’s FUN!

The Powerhitter® Ground Rules offer a management assist to coaches, managers, and players.

Focus on Today Work Towards Your Personal Best
Take A Risk Show Up Ready to Play
Rebound from an Error Be a Dependable Teammate
Respect the Rights of Others Play Fair
Have Fun! Know that Every Day is a New Game Day

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Teach with Baseball/Football

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