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Powerhitter LLC and SportsBallkids®

We specialize in sports-themed educational products, programs, and professional services for business leaders, educators, micro-schools, teams, and youth non-profit organizations.


Why Teach with Sports

When you connect learning to what kids do, need, want, and imagine…they understand advanced concepts, retain information, and are motivated.

For Schools/Educators: Develop Player Potential  | SportsBallKids

For Schools/Educators: Develop Player Potential

  • Rationale: Why Teach with Sports?
  • Classroom Manager vs. Coach: Team Meetings/Messaging
  • Ground Rules: Structure/Expectations
  • Project-Based Learning: Digital Media/Research
  • 7th Inning Stretch (Movement/Music/Song)
  • Recap/Assess/Refresh for a New Game Day
  • Supplements Your Program
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Aligns with 60+ standards
  • High Interest/Ready to use
  • Promotes peer learning
  • Helps Kids 'Catch Up'
  • Addresses Learning Loss Skill Sets
For Professional Sports Teams/Athletes: Outreach | SportsBallKids

For Professional Sports Teams/Athletes: Outreach

  • Promote Youth Fan Development
  • Host Educator Seminars
  • Support Sports-Themed Literacy Materials for Students
  • Leave a Learning Legacy
  • Reach Kids Through their Teachers
  • Sponsor SportsBallKids® Gear and Workbooks in the Community:Phoenix Children’s Hospital and UMOM Outreach
For Micro schools /Homeschool parents: Engage Learners/Cover Standards  | SportsBallKids

For Micro schools /Homeschool parents: Engage Learners/Cover Standards

  • Sports-themed student workbooks
  • Math/Literacy content aligned to academic standards
  • Ready-to-use, high-interest materials
  • Standards’ Spreadsheets/Teacher’s Guide
  • Instructional seminars and webinars available
  • Products designed for student to use independently
  • Digital downloads
For Educator/Leaders: Personal Best  | SportsBallKids

For Educator/Leaders: Personal Best

  • Leadership: Manage vs. Coach
  • Everybody Needs a Coach: Coaching Styles
  • Why You Need a Venting Buddy, Coach, Mentor
  • Tips From the Coach: Focused, Specific, Goal-Oriented
  • Class Meetings: Mentor/Model/Motivate/Message
  • You Can’t Play All Positions: Collaborate
For Businesses/Foundations: Expand | SportsBallKids

For Businesses/Foundations: Expand

  • Leadership Style – Manage vs. Coach
  • Everybody Needs a Coach – Mentor/Model/Motivate/Message
  • Why You Need… – A Venting Buddy, Coach, Mentor
  • Tips From the Coach – Focused, Specific, Goal-Oriented
  • You Can’t Play All Positions — Teammates Collaborate
  • Ground Rules: Focus on Today, Take a Risk, Work Toward Your Personal Best, Be a Responsible Teammate
  • G.O.A.T. – Identify your Greatest Talent & Say YES!
  • Half Time/7th Inning Stretch – Movement Matters


I used your Powerhitter® Football for Superbowl for writing/literacy for my Tier Two Intervention class. Students loved that it was sports related. One asked, Miss H, do we get to read about sports today? and was so excited when I said yes. It was also eye-opening that they had never heard of idiomatic expressions like give me a ballpark figure or I’ll run interference for you. Will have to teach that!’

Ms. Horton

6th grade ELA (English/Language Arts teacher)

Barb, kids arrived on Monday morning (post Superbowl Sunday) and shared terms they learned in the Powerhitter® Football program on Friday (Equipment Manager and Injury Report Centers). One girl reported that a player’s helmet came off during a play and that can cause a concussion. How’s that for transfer of knowledge?

Mrs. Serna

Executive Director, Title I, SUSD

Power Hitter® was the reason that attendance was near 98% for our 2nd-5th graders during our four-week, full-day summer program. Kids were so motivated to learn.

Dr. G. Superintendent, Phoenix Union High School District

Former principal, J.B. Sutton Elementary

Dear Barbara, I’m happy to see someone else realize that the lessons we teach are not limited to the baseball field but geared towards something much bigger. I wish you continued success.

Pat Murphy

Coach Milwaukee Brewers Arizona State University Baseball

Teachers could tell immediately which kids attended the Powerhitter® Summer Program. They were up to speed with math and continuously recalled their experiences at the Yankee Game, and with their coaches. Our kids realized that what they were learning, connected to real life. Higher test scores for our ELL students too! Our students (8-11) retained concepts, skills and confidence that persisted throughout the academic year.

Mrs. R. Taylor, Principal

Port Chester, NY School District

Breaking Barriers was well received by teachers and students across Major League Baseball Cities. Your contribution was a valuable part of the lessons.

Sharon Robinson

Educational Consultant and Author

Jackie Robinson: Breaking Barriers (in Sports, in Life), Scholastic Major League Baseball

Your attention to detail is evident. Materials are sequenced and age appropriate and encompass all learning styles. Powerhitter is fun and students crave fun! Teachers are happy because this system provides build-in management techniques along with prepped materials. Overall, this program is highly effective.

Kristine Kefer Moore

Gilbert Public Schools

My first graders were really engaged with the content because of the characters. Sports is an attention grabber. The graphing and measuring math worksheet was enrichment for them.

Ms. Gomez

1st grade and resource teacher
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Research tells us that Motivation Drives Attention and Attention Drives Learning. Kids tell us, Powerhitter® is fun.

“Just because it’s fun, doesn’t mean it’s not intellectually rich.”

David C. Berliner, Ph. D, Regents’ Professor and Dean Emeritus, Mary Lou Fulton College of Education, Arizona State University.