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About Powerhitter and SportsBallkids

Powerhitter® seminars receive high fives from audiences of teachers and administrations. Whether hosted by Major League Baseball teams (and their sponsors), including Braves, Mariners, Mets, Orioles, Phillies, Twins, All-Star Game Fan Fest, school districts from Seattle to Phoenix, universities, and peer-reviewed academic conferences, including ASCD (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development) and the National Middle School Association.

The program’s curriculum and training is unique and researched-based. Both were the key learning & curriculum components funded 21st Century (Nita Lowey) Educational Grants in two states, Arizona and New York.

CEO and Founder, Dr.Barbara Torre Veltri, Associate Education Professor (Emerita) developed her unique “Teach with Sports” curriculum over 30 years ago, while teaching in a boy’s school in Greenwich, CT. During class, one student attempted a card trade for a future Hall of Famer. She knew trading for a Reggie Jackson, “Mr. October card wasn’t a fair trade and shared the rationale, after all, she learned the game from seasoned NY sports fans, when she accompanied her dad to the ballpark.

She wasn’t prepared for her student’s response: “What did you have to put your two cents in for? And, besides,“You’re a girl, what do you know about baseball?”

Dr. Veltri created: Baseball-themed student consumable materials Math 1 & 2, Language Arts 1 & 2, literacy Assessment (4-6 & Ell 7-8), Powerhitter® Classroom Teacher’s Curriculum Package with 30 thematic centers to engage students grades 3-6 to supplement Math/Literacy/Geography/teaching - especially during the months prior to Baseball’s Playoffs and World Series.

Dr. Veltri developed Curriculum Package for Football (30 cross-disciplinary centers) and Football-themed Student Activity Workbooks. Basketball-themed materials are also on the product roster!

The seven Sportsballkids® are trademarked characters (designed with the face of baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and softball faces). These kid-friendly global ambassadors of sports, appears on products, student materials, and instructional media and offer a motivational assist to primary grade students!

Our company’s unique Game Plan/business model recognizes that Sports offers universal appeal. Kids learn through sports-themed content and programs. Learners think, reason, communicate, team-build, and have fun as they work towards their personal best! Their teachers are the ‘managers’ and ‘coaches’ in the classroom.

7th Grade student completing PH football

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