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Assessment: Literacy/ELA
Assessment: Literacy/ELA

Assessment: Literacy/ELA

Power Hitter® Assessment offers educational professionals: teachers, tutors, and resource diagnosticians across Grades 3-7, SPED (cross-categories) and ELL (4-12) to evaluate student skills, knowledge, and understanding aligned to a sampling of Language Arts/Literacy/Study Skills. This practice test (formatted to resemble a formal assessment) is ready for you to download, copy, and use as a formative, summative or anecdotal tool. Assess reading comprehension, spelling, context clues, study skills, parts of speech, figurative language, writer's purpose and more - all through high-interest, sports-themed content. Seven pages, 50 + questions and answer key. ** Note: Adjust test time frame to meet the needs of individual students. The purchase of this product entitles the buyer to duplicate these pages for use by students in the buyer's classroom. All other permissions must be obtained from the publisher.

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