Dear Barbara, The program really scored home runs on several fronts as it was able to accomplish the following: •Pre-service teachers received much needed practical experience in the classroom with the support and mentorship of an on-site curriculum specialist •Both boys and girls were afforded the opportunity to enjoy and learn about the game of baseball through theme-based teaching and recreational activities. Please know that our youngsters are still talking about their experiences and the district superintendent praised the program at a meeting of the Board of Education.

Dr. Eileen Santiago
Dr. Eileen SantiagoPresident of Whole Child Education & Community School Partners

I used your Power Hitter® Football downloadable content with my 6th grade literacy class on Friday 2/11/22 (before Super Bowl Sunday) as a Tier 2 writing and research intervention. My kids were so motivated (on a FRIDAY!) They loved it!

Ms. Horton
Ms. Horton6th Grade Literacy Teacher

We just completed your Power Hitter® Math and Language. I LOVED the Language because we did a lot of very fun things such as: make baseball poems, baseball t-shirts, and arranged our desks into a baseball diamond. We sent letters to teams, asking for a decal.

Michael4th Grade, New York

Your contribution was a valuable part of the lessons, included within the Jackie Robinson Breaking Barriers’ curriculum, published by Scholastic, and well-received by teachers and students across MLB cities. I wish you continued success in your work.

Sharon Robinson
Sharon RobinsonMajor League Baseball, Office of the Commissioner

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